International Hardware Fair in Cologne, Germany.

Visit Mandrex at the 2016 Eisenwarenmesse

The 40th INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR will take place from 6 – 8th of March 2016. Around 2,600 suppliers from 50 countries will provide a comprehensive overview of products and technology for the hardware industry.

During these days we will present several new innovative product lines to the whole world. We will display our products, packaging, marketing tools and invite you to come to our booth to see, test, feel and experience these new MandreX one click Hole Saw products.

We will show you the plenty of opportunities for ambitious importers, companies and dealers. This will be THE opportunity for well-established and enthousiastic enterprises who would like to promote the sales in MandreX systems and gain the adherent rewards. 

See you at our booth E-030 in Hall 10.2 !!

There is nothing like the Mandrex MXqs Experience

There is nothing like the Mandrex MXqs Experience

Supporting our distributors is one of our core values. That is why we have created the Experience Kit for the presentation of our patented Mandrex MXqs system and top quality Hole Saws. 

The MXqs Experience kit contains the unique ONE CLICK arbor system in combination with the Mandrex TCT Hole saws and top quality Bi-Metal Hole Saws. 

Contact your Mandrex distributor for the MXqs Experience Kit !

MandreX:  Marketing and packaging with the X-factor

MandreX: Marketing and packaging with the X-factor

We provide a number of tools to support our dealers. They include comprehensive technical support, a highly skilled Sales and Marketing team, professional packaging, detailed documentation and much more.

In close collaboration with our partners we aim to sell our MandreX systems successfully all over the world. MPE Techniek BV can provide high quality marketing support which would include documentation,  displays, shop fittings ,actions and other marketing tools.  

MPE Techniek BV, the specialist in arbors and Hole Saws, is right behind you. We are committed to the maintenance of high quality and constantly working on improvements and innovations. Due to continuous product development and long testing phases our products meet the highest quality standards. Customer service, quality control and maintenance of the highest standards is fundamental to our company. 

With the new MandreX innovations you've got something special in hand

With the new MandreX innovations you've got something special in hand

Professionals will immediately recognize the advantages of MandreX systems. You can drop out the core with one click. Changing the arbor takes just seconds. And replacing the Hole Saw is a matter of push and change. MandreX systems save time, money and frustration. The result will be a potentially massive opportunity for our business partners.

  • The MXqs system. "q" stands for quick release. This worldwide patented quick-change system enables you to change saws in seconds, with just one ‘click’. Along with this we have developed “easy to use adapters “with which holes can be enlarged.
  • The MXL system. "L" stands for long. Specially developed for long saws.
  • The MXa system. "a" stands for conventional arbors and are available in different shapes and sizes.
  • The MX system has at least five big advantages in comparison to conventional systems.
  • The MXi system. "i" stands for integrated. Hole saws with integrated MandreX MX system.

If you want to boost your business, it’s time for a change…a quick change to MandreX. 

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